How Reconnecting With Your Imagination Could Elevate Your Future



More and more I feel guided to remind people of their childhood dreams, imagination and inner magic. I will always try and tell my nephews and eventually my own children one day, as often as I can that they can achieve all that they wish and hope to achieve. That they should visualise what they hope to happen and that they should belive and trust that it will. There is no knowing when or how but belief and trust is a great starting point. I want them to understand that it’s important to stay connected to their natural instincts and act on what they feel is right, not necessarily what they are told is right (within reason) as following their intuition will be a part of the route they need to take to get on the right track to their dreams. If they can truly understand and incorporate this now, this early on, I like to think that this will give them a head start, the kind that I wish I had when I was their age.

When we were children our imaginations were amazing and though I like to consider myself an imaginative adult, I must say that compared to my nephews, it’s a drop in the ocean, their minds are fascinating to me. It might be considered mischievous at times but at least it’s free of limitations and that is refreshing to me if nothing else. We grow up going to school, something that can be great for some but constricing to a lot. Logic is often the method in which we much strive for and where logic is needed a lot of the time, I just wish that it wasn’t so heavily drummed into us because it knocks the imagination and magic out of us from a young age and it’s the what seems like “crazy” ideas at the time that can so often be the best solutions for our future.


I belive that our inner magic, our beautiful imagination and our highest of dreams are not gone just because we are adults. They might be locked away but we have the keys. I encourage you to try and reconnect with those hopes, ideas and idyllic dreams and belive that it’s never to late to re-design a mindset that has been told you that “you can’t” or made you too often question “how” or said that “only really hard work gets you what you want”. Instead encourage yourself to be kind to you and take the time to daydream. Even though daydreamers are often considered procrastinators, I do belive that it’s the daydreams that we have that are the beginning point of our future success, whether that’s susccess in our personal life, career, spiritual practices, our health or whatever success it is you’re looking for.


I’m not saying to simply sit back, daydream and it will all fall into your lap, no, not at all. Today I’m talking about the starting point and I just want to encourage you to make a conscious effort to reconnect with your inner child, to open the door to your wildest of dreams and to take time to be imaginative and visualise your brightest, happiest and most ideal future on all levels. Because over time we have allowed ourselves to push those dreams to the back kinda just accepting that there’s no way that they can materialise. The way I look at it is, even if I spend my whole life believing and trying to make my dreams come true, at least that’s exciting, always feeling like it could happen at any moment, rather then living a life feeling like my dreams will never come true, to me that’s not a life worth living. I don’t know though, we are all different and must live the way that feels right and true to us. I’m just sharing what I feel I must.


Some ways I find helpful for staying imaginative are:

Watching my favourite childhood movies and especially Disney movies, as they are great for stepping out of reality and seeing colourful magic. Watching some of your favourite childhood movies should hopefully bring back those emotions and feelings like anything is possible, as we so often felt when we were young. 


If you have kids or have children that you are close to whether that’s nieces, nephews, young cousins or you have friends that have children that you have a close relationship with, then I urge you to take the time to just watch them and indulge them in some imaginative conversation or game play and let them take the lead with it. Don’t think about time or what you’ve got to do next just be present in the moment and get drawn into their beautiful imaginative world.


Another great way to spark your imagination is to think of a hobby or an activity that you once did when you were younger and had more time on your hands, something you did just for fun. Whether that was something active or whether it was as simple as drawing, colouring or reading. Whatever it was, make time to start that up again and like I said before don’t think about what you have to do next just be present and let time run away with you by simply enjoying whatever activity you’re doing just because you love it. You can always make time, don’t let your brain trick you, the washing up CAN wait! 


You could also try taking yourself outside into nature or just a peaceful spot in your garden or your local green or park and lay yourself down, get yourself comfortable and just look up at the sky. You could do the pastime favourite of cloud gazing, seeing what shapes and silhouettes you can see. Or you can just wonder about things like “why is the grass green” “why do dogs bark” just weird little things like that. You don’t need to discover the answer just let your mind wonder.


I hope this inspired and encouraged you to at least think about reconnecting with your inner magic, your imagination and to take the time to daydream. Maybe it will help you to visualise and soar into the direction of your highest and most beautiful dreams.


Sending you an abundance of love and light,

Daniella x

Image via Pinterest.

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