Monday’s Look: Classic & Feminine Feels






Just a few photos to start of the new week, of me wearing what is now my go-to floral print skirt that has been heavily rotated this spring/summer so far. The styling was kept simple, a little more classic and a little more feminine.


Its been a weekend full of highs and lows (well, it is crabby cancer season 🦀) I’ve felt both mentally and physically drained and yet energised over the last couple of days, an odd contrast but that’s just how it’s been. Like waves of emotions and as always I just try and learn from the lows and be grateful for the highs and maybe swear a little in between the two, ha!



Wishing you all a great start to the week, may the sun continue to shine. Sending you lots of love and light this Monday,

Daniella x






Black Eyewear Sunglasses

Jack Wills Cardigan

Asos Floral Print Skirt

Vintage Bag

(old) Topshop Shoes


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