Friday’s Style: The Blazer Tuck

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What do you get when you mix a vintage oversized blazer and crisp white pleated skirt, well you get today’s look. There has been a micro-trend of tucking in blazers recently and I wanted to do my own interpretation of it and thankfully I had the perfect blazer for it. Tucking in an item like a blazer feels a little strange at first but I loved the result of how it actually looked. I kept the styling simplistic and minimal as I wanted keep fluidity with it the outfit and too much of anything else would of just been distracting to the eye. Ultimately what I loved about this combination was the masculine and feminine juxtaposition. There’s nothing I love and appreciate more in an outfit then an androgynous twist on a ladylike classic and this blazer gave the mid-length skirt and sweet kitten heels exactly that.


 My posts have been few and far between recently and whilst I’m sure no one has even noticed, it’s something I’m very aware of. I enjoy putting together my (almost) daily posts but with a slightly busier schedule, which I guess happens naturally through the summer and managing an illness that as much as I don’t want it to, does in fact effect me daily, means that even though I want to post as often as possible sometimes proves tricky. But I learnt a while ago that going with the flow of what life brings you, is much more abundant then always fighting against it.


 Sending you lots and lots of love, light and healing.

Daniella x









Vintage Blazer

(old) Reiss Skirt

(old) Marks & Spencer Kitten Heels



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