Birthday Balloons




This past weekend, I celebrated my 29th birthday and today I wanted to share a few photos from that evening. Unlike last year, I decided to keep the celebrations much more low key. Last year we had big sports day with friends and family, followed by barbecue and party. This year just my immediate family and I played a game of rounders during the afternoon and then later we changed into something a little fancier and played some, what I like to call old school garden games, like ring toss, bowls and croquet, though we didn’t get around to playing croquet because we got hungry and decided to sack off the games and eat instead.


I love creating beautiful table decor but it’s usually on a budget and I was really happy with the summery yet simplistic result. It’s amazing what some fresh flowers/greenery, candles and some table linen can do. I annoyingly didn’t manage to get any snaps of the food but we ordered from COOK and I just love their meals and they’re perfect for if you’re entertaining. Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of dairy free dishes yet but they do have a few very yummy vegetarian meals. Hopefully this is something that they will come to embrace in the near future.


I wore a dress that I picked up in the Topshop sale and as much as I love it, I have to say it’s one the worst made pieces I’ve had from Topshop. There is so much extra material where it wraps over, which is really annoying. But it was £20.00, so I can’t complain too much, I’m just glad I didn’t full price because I would have certainly returned it.


Anyway I hope you have a great a day.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xox





Topshop Green Dress


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