Summer Whites & Pink Blooms




Here’s a casual look that I wore a couple of weekends ago. I’m so glad I was able to get some photos by these beautiful pink flowers, so summery. Speaking of pink flowers, the other day we were heading to a location to take photos that we had spotted previously. It was out a Debenhams support center, where in front of the building there was a beautiful bush of flowers, a little similar to the ones photographed in today’s post. There is no gate preventing one from getting to the front of the building nor are there any signs saying private property, nothing to suggest that we weren’t supposed to be there. Just as we are about to start shooting, some jobsworth comes out to tell us we can’t take photos.

I wanted to keep my cool but admittedly I’m not a big fan of being told no! This is especially true when I feel like the reasons aren’t valid. I know I should have gracefully accepted what he was saying but I couldn’t understand his reasons. It was 8pm on a Sunday evening, there was literally no soul to be seen, it was in front of a flower bush, so I wasn’t including any Debenhams signs and he could have stood there an overseen the whole thing for all I cared to ensure that we weren’t up to no good. We were going to be ten minutes at most. His reasons were that apparently Debenhams don’t permit any photos being taken in case people who don’t want to be photographed end up in the pictures or that any signs of Debenhams are misrepresented. In this case none of these reasons applied because there were no people around and the signs wouldn’t have been in shot and he knew that. I just think in times like that, why be that person! I’d of rather he told us to simply leave because it’s private property rather then speaking crap in an attempt to give his reasons more validity.


I know I sound sore and yes I am probably just pissed that I didn’t get my way but I guess I just needed to vent. I guess I feel that there are some people who let the power go to their head.

Anyway strop over, I’ve released it now, time to move on. Positive vibes because tomorrow is a full moon and apparently it’s a very abundant and prosperous full moon with lots of lovely energy. So I’m just going to focus on soaking that up.


Love and light my lovelies,

Daniella x







Le specs Sunglasses

Champion Sweater

(old) Topsohp Trousers

Superga Shoes

Kayu Basket Bag


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