Why I Work With Crystals


I wanted to create a new series on LellaVictoria about something that is an integral part of my day to day living. I want to talk about crystals and how I belive they can impact and improve our physical and mental health and as someone who is interested in health and wellbeing, I learnt a long time ago not to rule out the possibility and the potential of crystal healing.

I know the idea of crystals being anything more then pretty rocks is for some, a hard idea for logical minds to entertain and that’s okay the world needs diversity and opposing opinions. I’m not here to convince or convert anyone. Like always, I simply want to share what I belive in and what I have found works for me. You can read on if you want or not, it’s up to you but I hope if you’re reading today’s post that you do so with an open mind. I’m someone who believes that sometimes it’s okay to just rely on the belief that there is power and magic in the unseen. I love that no one can prove it doesn’t exist and no one can that it does.

As I have been diognosed with M.E since the age of eleven and with little guidance or help from medical professionals a lot of what has got me to the point of where I am at now has come from my enquisitive and persevering nature to not give into a life of being eternally bed ridden and therefor has led me up a path to a more natural way of healing. Part of that natural way of healing has come from a lot of time spent with crystals. My first experience with crystals was when my mum bought me some crystal bead bracelets when I first in hospital at 11 years old. I can’t say I appreciated or understood them at the time and so I didn’t really embrace the possibility of their protection and healing. But fast forward five years where I had not fully recovered but was doing much better and living a somewhat normal life. Most importantly I was living fairly social life as a teenager with M.E. The problem was I wasn’t pacing myself and just after I turned sixteen and due to fly out to Las Vagas, I relapsed quite badly. At first I was rather depressed, because you know, I was sixteen, finally living a little and due to go to vagas with a guy and his family for what I thought would be a trip of lifetime.

Once I accepted where I was in that point of time, I started to focus on visualising getting better. At the time a family friend had blessed me with some crystals to which I held onto almost every moment of the day, I was bed ridden for about six months, so there was plenty of time to be sat around holding onto crystals. Ever since then I have included crystals into my daily routine. Whether that due to me wearing them as jewellery, putting them under my pillow, holding onto them when I’m sat down watching tv, reading about them or simply placing them in and around my home. I am still learning about them, there are so many beautiful varieties that I am yet to learn about and discover but I’ve the next few weeks/months, when I can I will put together a somewhat beginners guide to starting to heal with crystals. I hope this is something that will intrigue and excite some of you, of course like always I’d love to know your thoughts, so drop me a comment.

Sending you you love and light,

Daniella xox


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