Taking Control vs Being Controlled





I belive that knowing when to let go of control is just as important as when to take it. I also belive that we often think we have control over a situation but actually, the situation has control over us. Like for instance, you may have a hobby or passion towards something and maybe what starts off as being something you do once or twice a week or a month, soon becomes something you do all the time and you feel guilty or like you’ve got to tell yourself off if you don’t do said activity every day or every week etc. Maybe you like to stick to a certain diet and maybe it’s great and really healthy for you and that’s awesome too but some people who think they are in control of their food intake, simply aren’t and are actually being ruled by their own mind. This is something you can tell by recognising if you feel guilty if you have, for a lack of a better term, “slipped up” on your food regime.


I’ve been through this kind of control issue with myself in the past and I also recognise it in others. It’s hard because I see how it effects the people around those who have these control issues with themselves. It can be hard to see or admit to yourself that you may not have a full grip on a situation that you thought you once did. But once you realise this, you can start to change things for the better, take back the control and begin to have fun with your interests again rather then see them as something you have to do.


This is is why it’s always good to occasionally take a step back, do some self evaluation and make any necessary changes to make your life happier and more balanced, which is what we need in order to have a mentally and spiritually stable existence.


Sending you you love and light and wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Daniella x










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