Style Story: Utilitarian Minimalism



When I bought that this dress back in January, I had envisioned it more as a spring/summer dress and thought I found ways to style it in the mean time, I looked forward to wearing it on warm days. Sometimes you just have look ahead And look for the possibility’s in the future as well as the present. I liked the idea of paring this dress with the heavy duty Dr. Martens boots to echo the somewhat minimal utilitarian vibe of the dress. I kept it to that with just the addition of the cat eye, green sunglasses as the colour matches up all but perfectly. Usually I would want to shoot in a completely contrasting background but for some of the shots we thought the green amidst the green grass would look and blend well.


I’m not feeling my best at the moment, so I’m going to leave it there and wish you a wonderful week filled with love, light and opportunity.


Daniella x







Black Eyewear sunglasses

(old) Marks & Spencer dress

Dr martens boots


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