Friday’s Look: Stripes For Summer





Is it a bikini, is it a crop top, who knows but I’m loving it and ima wearing it. I actually originally intended on wearing this cute piece over white t-shirt or a crisp shirt and to then eventually just wear it as it is. But it was a really hot Sunday, we were for the most part chilling outside at home, cooking up a barbecue and well this linen duo felt right. I added the blazer for when it became cooler and for when went to the supermarket, I always freeze in those shops. Oh an in case I didn’t convince you in my last post, I’m sharing yet another look that gives more evidence on the case of the chic yet humble flip flops. If you didn’t see my last case in point outfit then click Here.

It feels as though it’s been a really long week for some reason, though I finally got my hair highlighted (obviously these photos were taken before I got my hair done, roots alert) which I’m rather happy about. I just prefer my complexion when my hair is lighter and well I just feel more confident.


Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a chilled weekend full of love and light.

Daniella xox






(old) Gucci sunglasses

(old) Topshop Boutique Blazer – love this HERE

Urban Outfitters Crop Top – now available in SALE in sizes Small & Medium HERE

( old) Monsoon Stripe Trousers – Almost the exact same print & shape HERE



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