What I Wore: The Little White Dress




Who doesn’t love a little white dress?! The one I’m wearing today is from the archives and I haven’t worn it in years, which is partly to do with me putting it somewhere so safe, that I couldn’t locate it for a while. Do you ever put something somewhere “safe” that you end up making it impossible for yourself to find it again? Bloody story of my life, that is! Anyway back to the dress and it’s by Diane Von Furstenberg and though the shape it is slightly on verge of feeling a little dated, personally I think it’s a summer classic. I love how it allows me to embrace the feminine side of my style but in a way that is subtle. I used to get annoyed that I could never seem to find a way to take it into the autumn with me, I could never seem to execute an idea that I was a hundred percent happy with. But now I think it’s nice to occasionally have pieces that are only suited to a certain season because it gives you something to look forward to, instead of it always being accessible. Styling was kept to a minimal, with just a few of my favourite summertime classics.


When we were out shopping in town yesterday, we were approached this gentleman, who kindly asked if we had five minutes to spare. We said yes and he continued to ask about our thoughts on Jesus. Usually this can tend to put people on edge, as the automatic thought of “preacher” can spring to mind. But I answered the man politely saying that I belive in Jesus and God, though making it clear that I wasn’t religious but more of a spiritual person with a strong sense of faith. The kind and gently spoken man continued to speak about his belief and thoughts of Jesus and at the end of our brief encounter with him, he offered us a piece of paper that he had printed with some information about Jesus on it, which we gratefully excepted.

Whilst I may not have understood or related to everything he was saying, I did however appreciate that he wasn’t preachy, or pushy. I felt I could answer honestly without being made to feel bad about my views on faith. He didn’t push his luck and try and take advantage of our time and he was incredibly calm and graceful in his entire approach to a subject that he was clearly  passionate about. I mostly admired that he was doing and sharing what he was interested in with strangers who could, at any point, judge him for his beliefs and regardless to what anyone chooses to believe, at least he was doing what he felt he wanted to do and that takes strength and courage and if nothing else, one must respect that.


Anyway my lovelies, sending you an abundance of love and light this new week,









Black Eyewear Sunglasses

(old) DVF Lace Dress

Kayu Bag

(old) Marks & Spencer Shoes



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