Dancing With The Dandelions






I don’t have many memories of my granddad on my dads sides unfortunately. He didn’t die when I was really young but between living in Australia, living with alcoholism and him and my dad not on speaking terms, I guess that dictated how my relationship was going to with him. Sadly he died about fifteen years ago before I was able to make my own mind up on whether I wanted or could seek a relationship with him. But recently I feel his presence in spirit around me a lot and I just wish I was able to have a clear conversation with him and find out more about him, as an individual. I have very memories of him, I would say about three but I’m thankful that I have them because my younger sister doesn’t have any, so I must express gratitude for the small yet failry vivid flashbacks that I do have.


 One of the memories I have, is when he came to visit us when I was about four years old and he took me out to the garden and all I remember is him picking a dandelion out of the ground and showing me that when you blow on them, they all float away. He blow once and say one o’clock and blow again and say two o’clock and so on. So now whenever I see them, I can’t help but be nostalgic about that memory. When I think about it, I think what a beautiful memory to have of him, it’s kinda magical and it always takes me to happy and peaceful time in my childhood. I mean I’m quite lucky to remember that far back, some people just don’t have a memory that will go that far back but for me, I’ve always been pretty blessed with a long term memory but even that can be a bittersweet gift to have.


Todays post has been in my minds eye for so long. Months ago when I first spotted this dress and decided I had to make it mine, I knew I had to shoot it bare foot and surrounded by nature. I’m pretty pleased with how the shoot turned out and I can’t wait to show you more ways that I’m going to style this beautiful lace dress.


Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x



Topshop Lace Dress – HERE

Monica Vinada Necklace – HERE


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