Knitwear & Linen: The Essentials For A British Summer




In the UK a good spring/summer knit is kinda necessary. It can drop ten degrees in twenty four hours and so on Wednesday your wearing you cute summer dress and sandals but then on Thursday your back to long sleeves and trousers. But there is no reason that this kind of ensemble can’t look cute and summer-ready also.

You may have already seen me styling this purple sweater in  a previous post of mine but it quickly becoming my go-to piece for those cool spring/summer days. It’s a heavy knit in weight but it’s a fairly open knit, so it feels nice and airy and doesn’t get too stuffy. Styling a knit like this with loose linen trousers is the perfect combination for keeping both warm and cool, which is quite often the crazy combination we need here in Britain during the summer.


The hair scarf is nothing new but is a sure and effective way to add a little something special to a fairly minimal, low key look.


Wishing you you a wonderful Wednesday with lots of love and light sent your way.


Daniella xx





(old) Scarf

Black Eyewear Sunglasses

& Other Stories Knit

(old) Reformation Linen Trousers

(old) Uterque Bag


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