Style Story: Cycle Shorts Ft. Wisteria
















I’m no cyclist but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the gear, right? When it comes to style, I’m open to trying most things and whilst I’ve tried out cycle shorts before, it’s been a while since I last attempted a style such as this. I’m often drawn to sportswear pieces but they are usually on the looser side, which is part of the reason I’m so often compelled to invest in sportier pieces because of comfort, a feeling that so many of us often want to feel and factor in when we are deciding on what to wear, wouldn’t you agree?! Well, even though these shorts are tight fitting, they are still definitely comfortable, which if you haven’t already gathered is a bonus for me.


Though I’m aware that cycle shorts probably aren’t to everyones taste for integrating into their everyday wardrobes, I wanted to share how I’ve gone about making these a style-do rather then a style-don’t. For or the first look, I fully embraced the sporty nature of the shorts with an oversized tee and sneakers but then gave the look a twist by opting for a blazer. Inspired by the soft lilac hue of the blazer, we shot the photos by the most beautiful wisteria. I think wisteria is my all time favourite spring flower. The scent is almost intoxicating and when in comes in that magical lilac/purple colour, I can’t help but get lost in it. Whether it’s with my phone or my actual camera, I can’t stop snapping.



I feel I was on to something with the blazer and cycle shorts and so I continued the theme in my second look. But this time I went for a more minimalist vibe with an oversized linen blazer, classic shirt and my Tkees flip flops, which by the way if you’re after a timeless and not to mention chic pair of flip flops, then Tkees has this nailed! I bought mine via Net a Porter.


Anyway, if I’ve not encouraged you to try out cycle shorts, then I hope you at least have enjoyed this style post.


Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella xox






Le Specs Sunglasses

Marks & Spencer Blazer – love this HERE & HERE

(old) T-Shirt – similar HERE

Urban Outfitters Cycle Shorts – HERE

Fill Disruptor Sneakers – love these HERE & HERE



(old) Urban Outfitters Sunglasses – HERE

Vintage Blazer – love This HERE

(old) shirt

Urban Outfitters Cycle Shorts – HERE

Tkees Flip Flops – HERE


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