Bank Holiday Plans & Floral Print Favourites







I’m excited for the bank holiday weekend though sad it’s going to be the last one we are going to have in a little while now. It’s not been given a great forecast but after the bank holiday we had at the beginning of May, I can’t complain too much as that really was an unexpected treat. Whilst good weather would be amazing, it’s all about what you make of it and I’m not going to let the chance of a long weekend with my love go by just because the weather isn’t perfect. We’re off to the Glastonbury tor today, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (Gosh I’m so British sometimes) but it’s somewhere that I’ve wanted to go for a about a year now, fingers crossed it won’t rain. It’s got a lot of historical interest there and it’s also known for its spiritual and mythical energy, so no surprise I am excited to venture out there. Hopefully the walking isn’t to heavy duty because my legs have not been great recently and I would hate for a symptom of the M.E to interfere with something I’ve been looking forward to so much. Positive thinking, it WILL be fine.


Going back to the previous subject of bank holidays, this outfit that I’m sharing with you today, is from the last bank holiday weekend that I had mentioned, when the weather was so so good! I wore two of my spring faves, this light blue blazer from Mango (last worn here) and this super pretty floral print skirt that I picked up on the Asos outlet. I’ve already found so many looks that I can create with this skirt and I just think it’s one of those pieces that will be perfect on those super hot summer days where I simply want to feel cool and comfortable. Ideal when thrown together with a basic tee. Also I love a beautiful garden, so can we just take a minute to show some appreciation to how beautifully kept the front garden is in the photos! It was on a private road, so I’m not sure we were supposed to even be there but it was just too pretty to resist and well the photo turned out just how I imagined, so it was worth living on the wild side and taking the risk ha!


I wish you all a wonderful Friday followed by an equally wonderful weekend.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella xox






Black Eyewear Sunglasses

Mango Blazer

Asos Floral Print Skirt

Dr Martens Boots

Vintage Bag



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