The Beautiful Contrasts Of Us

I often think about the contrasts that we are all made up of as individuals. No one thing defines us, we are made up of so many things. One interest doesn’t set the tone of all our interests, like our career, doesn’t always express our professional desires. Often when you meet a stranger, they will almost always ask the age old question “so what do you do for work” like, that’s what defines us. There are so many people who work for a living as opposed to working because that’s the job that they are passionate about and that’s not always their fault or a choice they feel that they have control over and yet so often their job title seems to quickly become their identity in the eyes of someone of whom they’ve just met. Whilst I belive this is slowly changing and we are seeing more creatives make lucrative careers out of their passion, that’s still yet to become mainstream.

If someone listens to Metallica it doesn’t mean that they can’t also enjoy romantics films or go to a rave or take part in Yoga. But I feel that sometimes society encourages us to fit into a box, I guess it makes it easier on them when it comes to judging people.

It’s not just our interests, it’s our personality traits too. Like with me, I can be so confident in one way and yet not at all in other ways and so if I’m ever asked if I’m a confident person, I find it tricky to answer because it really depends on what aspect of my life one would be referring to. I think because people can tend to be very quick to judge, this can end up causing them to miss out on traits and interests that they may even have in common with people that they judge to quickly.

They may hear that a person believes in God and so they’re written off as being a religious person but that may not be the case and also, who knows what else they might be interested in. Or sometimes, like in my case, people know I’m interested in clothes and “fashion” and so it’s as though I must automatically fit into that category of being only focused on aesthetics and outer beauty, or that I spend my time judging other people’s style as well as knowing everything there is to know about fashion. This is not the case. I’ve been to those kind of events with all those fashionable type people in attendance and I can tell you now, it’s not really my thing. I like to connect with people on a deeper level and I do not find it in those circumstances. I also don’t spend my time judging the way people choose to dress, I may make a bitchy remark every now and again if I’m with my sister in way that is harmless and off the cuff and not in way that anyone would know because the last thing I would want to do is to make someone feel bad. But overall I really don’t judge other people’s taste in style. Style is subjective and most people aren’t too bothered about how they look and getting dressed is simply just part of their daily routine and that’s cool, we all have our interests and for lot of people, that’s not one of theirs.


I often kept my interest in style separate to my other interests on this blog but I’m kinda over that now. I want to be just as authentic on here as I am in life. That’s why you’ve started seeing posts like “Why we should smile more” and my post on “invisible illnesses” as well as today’s post. I’m attempting to share more of me and hopefully it will encourage others to do the same, whether that’s through their blogs/social media or just life in general.


Because you know what, why I can’t I be repeating positive affirmations, praying to my angels, holding onto crystals, pulling out a tarot card when I’m in need of direction and then in the next breathe be lusting after Balanciaga sneakers, taking photos of myself and planning my next outfit?! Why can’t I belive in God but also evolution. We are all made up of contrasts and we shouldn’t be afraid of that even if it sometimes seems as though it may be hypocritical. We must live our truths, no matter how contrasting those truths are. If it inspires us, makes us feel ourselves and lights us up then you are bringing light into this world whether you know it or not. Don’t be ashamed or fearful of the judgemental folk because that’s just an indication of their insecurity. Anyone who’s truly secure with themselves, their passions and beliefs doesn’t need to pass judgment on others and what they are passionate about.


Be who you are, express who you are, love and except who you are and trust me, you will help others to do the same even if they don’t know it or decide to tell you.


Sending lots of love and light,

Daniella x



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