F Is For Family & L Is For Linen


























My family and I have gone through a lot together, we’ve had a lot of lows the last few years but thankfully that has finally started to turn around as of last year. My poor mum, has gone through so much including a very messy divorce. Whilst the divorce is finally over she is still having to clear the odds and ends up, to be honest it’s more then that but the situation kinda makes me pretty mad and so I won’t go into the gritty details of it! But basically she got some property in her divorce, now the solicitors who are a bunch of sharks wearing suits in my opinion are trying to strip her of everything she’s worked for the last thirty years. But what I always remind her and myself, is that regardless of what we have to face, regardless of what they try and take from us, as long we remember that remaining a family unit is at the core of our strength and that having one another is more important then any of it, then that’s one thing they can’t have. The rest, well, we can take it or leave it. Of course we hope that justice will prevail but having each other, creating memories and laughing as much we can is more important then anything else because to lose that, to me is the definition or truly losing everything.


When I look at these pictures of my beautiful nephews and especially the ones of my boyfriend and my nephew, it truly makes me so happy. Both of my nephews unfortunately do not see their fathers, they sadly do not think that knowing their sons is a priority. That’s fine though because they are the ones missing out, not my nephews. My nephews are amazing and have thankfully  always had my partner in their lives and whilst he’s not their dad, he’s a wonderfully grounded male figure, who they can learn from, play with and will eventually go to, if they need a males opinion on something when they’re older. Though I’m sure they will both have their own individual journeys with the fact they missed out on having their dads, I can only hope and pray that ultimately they will focus on all the love that they did and do have surrounding them.


I know how fortunate I am to have a strong connection to my family and whilst I am incredibly grateful for them, i’m also aware how a hunky dory family life isn’t what everyone is lucky enough to have. But I believe family can come in different forms, like a good and long lasting friend group can be your family or maybe a spiritual group that you’re a part of. As long as you have a solid foundation with people or someone in your life that makes you feel loved, supported and safe and that you can give this to them in return too, then that’s what I believe family is.


I just wanted to touch on the linen dress that I am wearing, its super old, I must have bought it at least ten years ago, well my mum probably bought it for me. Anyway, it’s such a timeless piece and I believe that everyone should own a decent white linen dress. It’s a summer classic that is just effortless and easy to wear in the summer heat and is most certainly a staple for any capsule summer wardrobe. Below I found some great linen dresses that you can shop.


Wishing everyone a lovely week filled with love and light,

Daniella x





Urban Outfitters Headband – HERE

(old) Linen Dress – love this HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE

(old) Topshop Shoes – love these HERE


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