Spring Knitwear & Choosing To Rise Above Negative Nelly’s




I lusted after this gorgeous & Other Stories knit for ages and then a few weeks ago I finally caved and went for it. I find it perfect for those colder spring days. It’s knitwear yes, but it’s colourful and uplifting rather then jut another reminder of winter. Plus it also makes me think of bluebells, one of my favourite wild flowers.

I didn’t get super creative and instead kept things simple with just a pair of jeans and my go-to shoes. Ah, and I’m also wearing my recently purchased headband. It’s from urban outfitters and my sister already had the red version but I opted for this neautral style because I imagined it with crisp white cotton on hot day, keeping the hair away from sweaty head, ah the glamorous side of summer. But for now I like how it looks with the striking colour of this knit.

Though I know it shouldn’t surprise me but it does always take me back a bit when I realise how okay some people are with going out of their way to cause other people problems. We have this neighbor who actively goes out of his way to create problems for us, when all we want to do is keep to ourselves, get on with our lives in the happy positive way we choose. Though I admit that I have moments of rage and I just want to punch him in the face, I also know that his actions are probably just a reflection of his unhappiness and by creating drama is his way of distracting himself from his real problems. I just always think with people like that, they’ve clearly got energy to be used, so why not use it in a way that’s productive and fulfilling. They disguise what they’re doing by describing it as “community” but it’s more of a display of controlling behaviour. Community should feel warm, safe and like someone’s got your back. He’s more like a knife in your back. Sorry, I’m just being dramatic.


As annoying as it is, I actually feel more compelled to pray for him and hope that he finds something that makes him happy, so he doesn’t continue to go out of his way to spread his negativity. I also have faith and trust that good will prevail. I guess what I’m ultimately trying to say is that, when people go out of their way to try and bring you down, just know it’s more of a reflection on them and their quality of life and probably has very little to do with you. Just keep rising my lovelies.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with lots of love and light,

Daniella xox




Urban Outfitters Headband – HERE

Black Eyewear sunglasses – HERE

& Other Stories Knit – HERE

(old) Topshop Jeans – love these HERE

(old) Warehouse Mules – love these HERE



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