AG Jeans Encapsulates Easy Summer Style













I was looking over my Pinterest saves the other day, trying to get some inspiration from my the Spring/summer 18 board that I created and I came across these images from the Ag Jeans collection. Maybe it doesn’t come across on the blog all that much, I don’t know but I love denim as much as the person. I live in jeans and especially on days when i’m not shooting styled looks. I’ve also been thinking a lot about basics recently and t-shirt and tank tops mostly. I used to bulk buy basics and i’d invest in good quality ones too and they would last me ages. It feels as though it’s been ages since I last did that. I mean, I buy/invest int he odd basic here and there but not if i’m honest my wardrobe could really do with a refresh in this department. I particularly love the look of tank tops by AG, the shape and colours are just the kind of staples I am looking for. You would think finding basics is an easy task but for me its not so easy. I look for shape, colour, fit and quality and quality in basics is quite important for me because I will wear my basics over and over again and after having both expensive ad inexpensive basics, I can tell you the inexpensive one don’t tend last much past of year. The loose their shape, fit and colour quite quickly.


Anyway apart from everything else, I simply love and adore the summery and relaxed vibe of the AG Spring/Summer18 images. It just gets me in the summer mood, longing for long summer nights, where it’s too hot to care or put the effort into styling look, where only a simple tee and denim will do. Where we can lay on the grass daydreaming in the summer sun and all you want to eat is ice lollies or a fresh fruit bowl. Driving home, windows down, wind in my hair, blasting out a classic song with pink sunset in my view. Ah summer.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know what you think.

Love and light,

Daniella xox









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