All The Blues & Pretty In Pink






Hi lovelies,

Since i didn’t post on Monday, I thought I’d post two outfits for today’s post. The are both tonal looks, the first one dominated by a cool pallet of blue and the second one feeling passionate and sweet with hues of pink and red. In the blue look, I’m wearing my somewhat new blazer by Mango, I love it don’t me wrong but I guess I just had slightly higher expectations for the piece. But then maybe that’s on me, for having those expectations in the first place.

I was a little conscious of the second outfit for the fact is features my velvet pink trousers and though this look was worn in April, I just don’t know if wearing velvet in the spring feels a little weird. I know I am probably overthinking it but I guess I just always associate velvet with the autumn/winter more so then the spring/summer. But I guess it’s good to do or in this case wear something that feels like its breaking the imaginary constraints that we do often subconsciously or consciously put on ourselves.


I know it’s a couple of days ago now but I had the most lovely bank holiday weekend. I am so grateful for those four days I got to spend with my love and my family, it was much needed after being stuck inside for a week with a tonsil infection. Having sunny, hot weather an entire bank holiday weekend is pretty much every Brit’s dream. We went to my grandparents on the Sunday and as I’ve said before, it’s one of my favourite places to go, it’s so peaceful and it’s surrounded by nature. At one point my family and I went to the river by my grandads workshop and just threw pebbles into the river, dipped our feet in the water and just enjoyed the simple pleasures of being surrounded by all the magical earth energy. I’m pretty sure their was a fairy kindom there too. Yep, I belive in angels so no surprise I belive in fairy’s too.


Well I hope you like the outfits that I’m sharing with you today.

Sending everyone love and light,

Daniella xox








(old) Urban Outfitters Sunglasses – similar HERE

Mango Blazer – HERE

(old) Equipment shirt – similar HERE & HERE

(old) Acne Studios Trousers

(old) Warehouse Mules


Sunglasses (as Before) – Similar HERE

(old) Joseph Shirt – love this HERE

Topshop Velvet Trousers – love these HERE

(old) Selected Femme Shoes


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