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The Attitude of Gratitude.

I am really starting to believe that the way to a more abundant life is by being grateful for what you already have. I believe that if we focus our energy on being grateful for all that we have instead of what we don’t have then we allow our thoughts to flow in a more positive way. See if we spend our time moaning, complaining and focusing on why can’t I have this and why can’t I that then we create a block mentally, thus stopping our intuition from being clear and our intuition is what we need in order to actually obtain what we seek.


I belive we can have our needs met whatever they are. But all the time we spend saying “it’s so unfair” focusing on other people’s victories, is all time we don’t spend on finding creative solutions to making our own victories.


I strongly belive in the power of the universe and I know for some it’s just not enough to belive, they need to see. But even if you don’t belive in anything like that, what I’ll say is this, being grateful for all the things that you have in your life is something that costs us all the same, nothing. So you might as well take the time to feel and express gratitude. What I try and do is every time I worry or I feel sorry for myself, I embrace it for a minute or five and then I replace the thought by thinking of something I’m grateful for. Re-training has the brain to do this takes some time and for me it’s definitely still a working process but the point is, I’m working on it.


Being grateful for what you have isn’t necessarily an indication to stop chasing bigger and better ideals either. No, not at all. An example off the top of my head would be that, okay, so I went to the Bahamas last year and I’m incredibly grateful for that privilege but does that mean I can’t lust after another holiday to the Bahamas, no it does not. But complaining won’t get me that. The Universe mimics the energy you put out there.


I’ll admit I do get frustrated with people who have good lives compared to most but still choose to focus on what they don’t have. I swear some people could be given one million pounds and they would complain they weren’t given two. Look I’m not saying I don’t have a moan every now and again, i’m an emotional and sensitive crabby Cancer 🦀 and we are pros at being drama queens (sometimes) but it’s about re-focusing that energy into gratitude and some people either haven’t been enlightened to this or have but are just too lazy and find it much easier to sit back, feel sorry for themselves hoping that one day it’s all going to fall into their lap.


Even though these kind of personality’s can frustrate me, I still like to try and have patience and in a way I’m grateful to them. Why? They show me who I don’t want to be and help highlight any of those tendencies I may have in myself, so i can work on healing them.


Well, I had hoped to be going to Glastonbury today but unfortunately I’m still trying to heal from this virus on my tonsils. But I’m still going to try and make the most of this bank holiday weekend regardless. Sending lots love and light to you this weekend.

Daniella xox









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