Monday’s Look: Orange & Vintage Denim





Happy Monday lovelies! Hopefully everyone had a good weekend. We went to see Ifinity war as we intended on Saturday and it was even more epic than expected. It was worth the wait! Yesterday though, I woke up with an extremely sore throat, which I don’t say lightly. I’ve had multiple bouts of tonsillitis over the years and so I am aware of what an actual sore throat feels like. I belive that what I am probably unwell with currently is a tonsil infection plus the back of my throat looks all ulcerated (nice visual for you there) but I doubt I’ll go to the doctors. I despise going to the GP, I always feel like they just either throw antibiotics at you or make you feel as though you’re overreacting. Which I think is crazy because no one wants to ever spend a second more then they have to in a germ filled GP’s waiting room, do they?!


I’m just going to do what I always do, diagnose myself to the best of my ability and follow my instincts on how best to cure myself. In this case I believe just some bed rest and getting lots of healing fruits and vegetables inside of me. I try and look on the positive side of being stuck in bed whilst my body heals and that is I’ll  hopefully be able to take the time to get some writing done. I’ve had some posts on my mind that I would like to get done and maybe I should use this opportunity to get them started.


Todays look was taken a few weeks back now, hence the turtleneck. Though with that said, it’s been bloody cold the last week and there was more then one occasion in where I would have happily pulled out a comforting and warm turtleneck. I can’t believe that after a couple years of owning these white shoes, I still wear them as much as I do. I think I need to find myself some new white shoes to take the heat of these for a while. I’d like some white court shoes or some white ankle boots.


Anyway wishing you you all a wonderful week filled with love and light.


Daniella xox








Black Eyewear Sunglasses

(old) Topman Blazer

(old) Element Top

(old) Levi Jeans

(old) Warehouse White Shoes



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