Cowboy Boots, Diamantes & Vinyl Ruffles



Usually I mostly only wear tights if I really really want to wear a skirt or a dress but its simple too cold to go bare legged! But for todays look, I actually liked and wanted to wear these tights as I felt they had a strong part to play in this look, I particularly liked the juxtaposition between the diamante tights and the cowboy boots. Talking of cowboy boots, they are having a moment right now, which i’m happy about because i’ve been on a ” bring back the cowboy boots” rant for a few years now (see Here & Here)  and I feel like I could do with a new pair but for now I am still loving this old pair. AS much as I love me a pair of cowboy boots, I don’t find them easiest of footwear to style. I don’t want to wear them in a way that’s cliche instead I want to create a look that has a little more edge to it.


I find if I overthink the outfit i’m styling with cowboy boots, I end up talking myself out of it, so in the end I just have to kinda go with it and have confidence in my decision. At the end of the day, it’s just another outfit and if I come to dislike it later on, then what does it really matter. Fashion/style is about having a fun, being creative and expressing who you are and how you feel on that day. So don’t overthink and simply just roll with it.


Anyway I best get on with my, hopefully it’s going to be as hot as they say it is today!

Love and light my lovelies,

Daniella xox










(old) Asos Blazer – love this HERE

Le Specs Sunglasses

(old) Marks & Spencer Blouse – love this HERE

(old) Topshop Vinyl Mini Skirt – similar HERE

Topshop Tights

(old) Cowboy Boots  – similar HERE



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