Fridays Look: Vintage Check



One last outfit post before the weekend. Something I wore a little while ago now but it’s such a great classic and simple look, great for those “I don’t know what to wear days”. I love high waisted jeans so much, they are just my preferred fit right now. I can remember when it was all about low waisted denim and my mum would say how she preferred high waist denim and just the thought of it was repulsive and something I considered “old  fashioned” I was a teenager and I didn’t really understand or appreciate the style and the fashions that had been and gone and what would eventually come back round again.


I remember when I bought this blazer, it was from the urban outfitters Vintage section. I knew I loved it and so I just went for it but for a couple of years I just couldn’t figure out how to wear or style it. I kinda came to regret buying it and thought about getting rid but then it’s looks like this that makes me glad that I did buy it all them years and sometimes you just need time to figure out how to make something your own. When it comes to trend pieces, the waiting game can be a tricky one but with classics its sometimes worth pondering on it for a little while, it will come through in the end. Don’t doubt your style instincts.


Have a wonderful weekend, may it be fulfilled and inspiring.

Love and light lovelies,

Daniella xox








Topshop Beret

Vintage Check Blazer

(old) Cashmere Knitwear

Eve Denim Jeans

Vintage Bag

(old) Acne Studios Boots



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