The Look: When Spring Calls




It doesn’t get feminine then floral prints and pink, does it now. I think this combination reflects Spring perfectly, whilst the dark velvet blazer and turtleneck coveys the truth that a touch of the winter chill still lurks in the air. I can sometimes get a bit funny with what textures can be worn depending on what season it is and I was thinking to myself whether corduroy could be worn in the spring/summer? I definitely think its more of winter texture but I think that i’ll continue wearing them for now and especially when the pink is so evoking of the Spring.


I’m going to leave it here for today, I knows only Wednesday but my brain is already on the frazzled side. But I do hope you enjoy the outfit and photos.


Love and light to whoever is reading this,

Daniella xox







(old) Marks & Spencer Velvet blazer

(old) Paul & Joe Sister floral Print Blouse – love this HERE

Mango Corduroy Trousers – similar HERE



2 thoughts

  1. Those mango pink cudroys look so good. How tall are you? Love the look but I’m like 5ft 4 and feel like they would drown me.

    Paro |


  2. Love and light back to thee, Daniella 🙂

    Yeah, that 2017-18 winter is hanging on like Tarzan on a greasy vine over a crocodile infested river ! Warmer temps must be soon on the way I hope, but it looks like winter layers will be required for the time being.

    I’m usually the last one to shed turtlenecks and sweaters coming into mid-late spring in my neck of the woods too 🙂


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