Good Friday’s Velvet Opulence






Happy Good Friday to those who celebrate Easter. Maybe I should have posting for today and taken advantage of the extra time off but as a creature of habit, I couldn’t help but finish of the week with one more outfit post.


I wonder what you Easter plans are this weekend? I will, as always be spending the long weekend with my loved ones. We’ve got in some yummy food, i’m usually meat and dairy free but I wont lie I be indulging in a fish pie later today. But on Sunday, instead of having a beef roast like we usually do on Easter, my mum and I will be substituting the meat for a nut loaf, which I am actually excited to be trying. 


It’s supposed to be raining a fair bit over this long weekend, which kinda makes any possible outings limited but we’re all pretty creative creatures and i’m sure we’ll come up with a fun alternative, fingers crossed. If you are staying in over the next few day’s and you are in the search for something cool to watch, then I recommend watching a documentary on Netflix called The Defiant Ones, I don’t know how new it is but I just finished watching it and it was a very interesting watch, with a great insight into the geniuses that are Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine. If you watch it let me know what you thought.


Todays looks features this velvet printed dress that I picked up in the sales a couple of months ago now. It was an absolute steal, I think it was originally like £75.00 or something like that and I got it £14.00!! Yep. I bought it in a size UK14 because I wanted it to look and fit a certain kind of way. Whilst it may not be one of my most versatile pieces, its velvet opulence is a beautiful addition to my wardrobe and I hope I can find different ways to wear and style over the years.


Anyway, wishing you a truly beautiful weekend.

Love and light to all you lovelies,

Daniella xox




Marks & Spencer Velvet Dress

Uterque Bag

Fila Sneakers



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