Pink Monday’s – Inspired By Rose Quartz



I’ve definitely been feeling pinks and pastels recently and I think it has to do with some of the spiritual practices i’ve been focusing on recently. I’m someone who believes in chakras, Angels, crystal healing, you name it and it’s highly likely I believe in it. This can be hard to voice out loud sometimes because of the heavy judgment that can often follow. People tend to think you’re nuts but for me it just feels natural. Because I have spent many years dealing with a misunderstood illness, getting almost no help from doctors but also not willing to give up on life and give into the illness. So with that in mind, this naturally took me to a place where I had to try and find way to heal myself and part of this journey lead me to the belief system I have today.

Anyway, I will discuss this at grater length another day. But i’ve been working with a lot of rose quartz recently, which is connected to the heart chakra, in case you were wondering.  I’ve also been learning about Archangel Chamuel, which they say is often surrounded by pink light. Whether or not this is true, I do believe it’s encouraged my urge to wear a lot more of these soft pink hues. I often wonder how I can express both my personal style and my spiritual interests in a way that doesn’t seem too much of contrast but today seems to fit.


I really do want to start bringing the two together somehow and I don’t blame you if that isn’t a topic for you because trust me the last thing I want to do is sound preachy. We all have our views and that’s whats amazing about the human race, our ability to see things differently and have apposing views because otherwise it would just be boring. But like I said I want to share more of me and what i’ve found to be a help through my life so far. Let me know if there is anyone reading this that is also interested because i’ll admit i’m slightly scared of being this open but I also feel the time is now to correlate both my style and my spiritual findings.



Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox




Black Eyewear Sunglasses – HERE 

Reiss Faux Fur Coat

Pauls Boutique Bag – HERE 

(old) Topshop Dress

(old) Sam Edelman Snake Print Boots




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