The Difference Between A Random Thought & Lightbulb Moment



Do you ever, just as you’re waking up get thoughts, or what I like to call messages from the divine in your head, that feel like random thoughts but with more substance, almost like guidance or a solution to a problem, I guess like a lightbulb moment. Whether you’re spiritually minded or not, maybe this happens to you often or maybe just a handful or times but enough that you can relate. I had one yesterday morning, I wasn’t quite awake and I wasn’t quite asleep but all of sudden I had the words “Druzy Quartz” repeat a few times over in my head.

Once I was properly with it, I knew that this was a crystal because of the fact it had quartz on the end and because I was somewhat aware of this crystals existence but I didn’t know much. After researching, I realised that this crystal was to be very beneficial for my current state of wellbeing and so I instantly gave thanks for being directed to this crystal. Today I am off to see if I can find a piece. I know crystal healing isn’t for everyone but I found they’ve worked wonders for me. The point isn’t even to do with the crystals, it’s more about being aware to these enlightened moments because it’s thoughts/messages like these, that come from nowhere, that occur when you’re not fully with it, that can sometimes be worth taking note of, as it might just supply you with a creative idea or an answer to a problem.


For today’s look i’m wearing two of my current favourite pieces, this Margaret Howell knit and these perfect high waisted jeans by Eve Denim. This fair isle knit will have to be packed away soon, as Spring it right around the corner and so i’m making the most of it by wearing it as much as I can.


Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend,

Daniella xox




Margaret Howell Knit

(old) COS Shirt

Eve Denim Jeans – similar HERE & HERE

(old) Selected Femme Shoes – love these HERE



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