Style Story: Blue Winter Skies



My mid-week look is something I wore a couple of weeks back on an extremely beautiful but very cold day. I love how these images capture the beautiful blue skies we were blessed with that day. When I see photo results like this, I cant help but think back to the days when we would just be in my bedroom with a point and shoot camera, where I stood awkwardly against the wall and we would shoot a max of five photos. It was a long process of building up my confidence to get me to where I am now but I am so pleased to see where my outfit photos have progressed to. It’s a creative process that I sincerely enjoy and I think it’s rewarding to look back and see the progress one has made over the years. Talking of progression, I am in the middle of a contemplation that involves potentially big changes for LellaVictoria. It’s exciting and a little nerve-racking at the same and once I have actually made a final decision, I will happily share more.


For now, I hope you like my look.

Take care,

Daniella xox







(old) See By Chloe Coat

(old) element Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Topshop Jeans

(old) Topshop Metallic Boots



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