Monday’s Style: Snow Days & Winter Whites










Usually I’m not this up to date on my outfit posts, they are usually at least a week or so behind. But I wanted to put together a post from the weekend that we just had. It feels like it’s been a really long weekend because my boyfriend’s pretty much been home the last four days due to the heaviness of the snowfall we had here. It’s been one of those weekend I think I will always remember, which I think is special. See we don’t ever really get snow in this part of England and I don’t think i’ve personally ever seen so much in my life before. We spent most of the time inside, watching a lot of tv. We ventured out a couple of times but only into the garden with our nephew and the dogs, so that they could enjoy the snow. It hasn’t lasted too long, it’s already melting away as I type this but it was nice and memorable for the short time we had the snow. Hopefully this was the last bit of the very cold winter and now we can hope to start seeing and feeling the beginning of spring.


Well, I believe I have spent the entire post speaking about the weather. For my outfits, I wanted to really embrace those winter whites, I just love pairing these shaded together. Somewhere I have a lovely pair of UGG earmuffs but for the life of me I couldn’t find them anywhere! Typical just when I actually find a good reason to wear them, they bloody disappear!

Wishing you all a wonderful week,

Daniella xox







(old) Topshop Aviator Coat

(old) Marks & Spencers Knit

(old) Levis Jeans

(old) Cat Boots


Puffa Jacket (outside)

(old) Cashmere Knit

(old) Mes Demoiselles Trousers

Birkenstocks (inside)

(old) Cat Boots  (outside)



One thought

  1. You are adorable Daniela, I love the first outfit the most, because of the cutesy black bow in your hair, it’s so darn pretty! Our snow melted here as well, kind of sad about it, cause the dog was lovin it!!!
    Weekends are for lazy activities and lots of hot cocoa!


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