Why Investment Pieces Don’t Always Have To Be Designer!





After a long day of traveling up and down to London yesterday and with it being so so cold, I think I am going to hibernate a little today. Spend some time with my family and snuggle under a duvet and watch some movies. Though yesterday was exhausting, it was a great day. I finally got to see some snow this winter (check out my Instagram stories) and I got to visit an eyewear brand that I have really come to adore and admire. I often find that to get away from normality even just for a day, gives me a great sense of healing. It helps me get out of that small world frame of mind, that I sometimes get caught up in. It reminds me that on the grand scheme of things, my worries are not as big as they may seem and that I just need to let go and have faith. London always boosts my energy mentally (definitely not physically) and I always get inspired by the street style that is there to be seen and yes, even in the current artic conditions.


Todays look features some much older pieces of mine but this only goes to show that if you invest well in the clothes that you choose, then the clothes never really feel old. The best thing is, that everything I’m wearing in today’s outfit, is high street and so that just proves that investment pieces don’t always have to be designer. Again, know the right labels and you’ll be able to find great, timeless pieces that are still of a good quality that will see you through season after season. The knit is from COS and the skirt is from Reiss, two great examples of high street stores that you can always rely on to produce cool timeless styles.


Anyway, enjoy your day.

take care,

Daniella xox





(old) COS Turtleneck

(old) Reiss Pleated Skirt

(old) Topshop Leggings

(old) Selected Femme Shoes


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