Are You Successful? What Success Means To Me




The other day I was thinking to myself, what it is that I consider to be my interpretation of success. So like, what does success mean to me, what makes for a successful individual? So many, see successful people as being rich, famous or being high up in their career and whilst I agree that definitely does mean they have been successful, I don’t believe that’s the only way one qualifies as being successful. I personally believe that to be a successful person means to have faced trials and tribulations and then come through them the other side a stronger person. Whether that’s troubles through school, work, family or home life, relationships, health related issues or whatever it is, if you can face adversity and be a better, more empathetic and humble person in spite of that adversity, then in my eyes, you are a successful person. So don’t compare the success of others to yours because it just takes your focus off your own story.


What does success mean to you?


Take care and have a wonderful week.


Daniella xox









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