That Seventies Style



Though the eighties is definitely having an influential moment on fashion right now and as much as I loving that revival, I am still admittedly very much into the seventies. These pink corduroy flares are still one of my favourite buys from the Autumn. I style them with this Acne studios knitted sweater with a white turtleneck underneath to really emphasise on that 1970s style influence that inspires me so much. Though the trousers are pink, I feel that styled alongside the neutrals, the look ends up feeling somewhat tonal.

Keeping things short today as I have to prepare for my boyfriends birthday. Presents to wrap, balloons to buy and decorations to put up.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies,

Daniella xox







(old) Gucci Sunglasses

Acne Studios Knitwear

Mango Corduroy flares

(old) Topshop Bag



3 thoughts

  1. Happy belated Birthday to your boyfriend! ❤ ^__^

    I swear if I wear this sweater I'd look like a hobo, you on the other hand look like a stylish queen, tell me how do you do that!!!


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