From Floral Print To Thrasher Flames





Sometimes I don’t even get how my style can take such a drastic change! A floral print blouse seems a long way from a Thrasher Flame t-shirt styled with Adidas joggers and Dr Martens boots. But my style somehow takes me to these different areas of fashion. For me it’s about having fun and wearing exactly what I feel like wearing regardless of whether people understand it or not. It’s funny because looking at this outfit now, I can see that most of my outfit is from the mens department, its just the gloves, boots and puffer jacket that is not. I wore this outfit on a very cold wintery Sunday, we were taking our dog Koko for a walk and I thought the grey, wintery backdrop was a great place to set the tone for this casual look.


Anyway that’s me for today!

Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) COS Puffer Jacket – love this HERE

Thrasher Tee – HERE

Element Long sleeve Top – similar HERE

Adidas Originals Joggers – similar HERE

Dr Martens Boots – love these HERE


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