Friday Feels: How To Fight Feelings Of Boredom



 I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This week I did Something different on Monday, usually I’m at home resting after the weekend but this week I was determined to start the week of differently and I did so by taking my nephews out with my mum. I felt like this definitely contributed to how quickly the week went. Not that I wish time to go by quickly but I think it’s good and healthy to switch things up from time to time to prevent the feelings of being stuck in a rut.  I appreciate that most people have to work but there are still things you can do, like instead of going straight home on a Monday you could maybe treat yourself to a cinema trip or a nice meal. I know conventionally most would wait to do this closer to the weekend but like I said I think it’s good for ones soul to change things up every now and again.

I think it can be so easy to let oneself get into a monotonous way of life and for me that can get me a little down even though in contrast to that I’m a creature of habit more often then not. Do you ever find that your mood can take a bit of a dip but not really having a sincere answer as to why? I know I can and I Think this can be due to feelings of boredom or unfullfilment in some way. And one way to help that is to try and do something that is spontaneous and something that you enjoy doing for you. Whether that’s going for a meaningless drive in your car whilst listening to your favourite songs, going for long walk somewhere peaceful, working out, meditation, going to a nice restaurant or maybe simply doing nothing is your doing something and that’s perfectly fine too. Just take time for yourself to switch things up every now and again.

For today’s outfit, I’m wearing a Margaret Howell knit that my amazing mum got me for Christmas. I just love it’s classic fair isle design. I styled it in a more retro way with my classic pea coat and beret. Even the utility style trousers have a retro look to them. I was a little torn on what shoes to wear but in the end went with my Fila sneakers because I liked how they were kinda discreet and a little more unpredictable for a look like this. Or at least I thought so. If you head to my Instagram you can see the knitted sweater without the coat.

Take care and have a wonderfully fulfilling weekend,

Daniella xox






Topshop Beret – HERE

Black Eyewear sunglasses – HERE

(old) Topshop Pea Coat – love this HERE

Margaret Howell Knit

Topshop Trousers – HERE

Fill Trainers – love these HERE


2 thoughts

  1. I have noticed that when I am down or bored or just tired of doing the same thing every day, a little bit of ME time always helps. Either it be painting my nails or practicing braiding my hair, it always helps!
    I adore the outfit, the cap is awesome and those jeans a rocking the world!


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