Trying to understand other people sometimes can be very challenging. As I grow, learning to except other people and their unique qualities and not to hold everybody to my own standards has definitely been a part of my own spiritual journey. I once read that there is no point trying to always explain yourself for every little thing because people can only see things from their level of perception and it’s honestly very true. Β 

It can be challenging and draining when I see things one way and the other person see’s it their way. For what feels like a lifetime, myself and my family have come up against so much professional ignorance and it seems anyone with a “title” behind them seems to think that their “professional” opinion is superior to those who have experience in the matter. They look at things as though all is black and white instead of entering the thought, that there is always a grey area. It’s entirely frustrating because it leaves one feeling helpless and unheard. But ultimately I just have to have faith that everything that is just and fair will hopefully prevail and no longer will we have to metaphorically fight for what I believe is right.Β 


Sorry to take it to a deeper level today, I know this is just another style blog but I have to vent these things aloud (or through typing) sometimes in the hope that it might reach someone else out there who is going through something similar and is feeling lonely in their situation also. You are not alone.


Aside from this I hope you like today’s outfit πŸ™‚

Take care,

Daniella xox








Amanda Wakeley Knit – HERE

Weekend Maxara Flannel Trousers – love these HERE

Vintage Bag

Kurt Geiger boots – love these HERE



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