A Style Recipe To Brighten The Grey Days Of January





It’s been one of those weeks where i’m like why are other humans assholes?! Though fortunately every obstacle that has come up this week has thankfully gone in my favour, to which I feel extremely thankful for. But it is still annoying when the obstacles shouldn’t ever be there in the first place and the only reason it is so is because they’ve derived there mostly from people being assholes. Sorry, i’m just blowing off steam. We all have these weeks, I just got to keep focusing on the good and visualising the best possible outcomes for these annoying situations.


Anyway, this outfit is one of my favourites! White denim, subtle layers, flat shoes and funky accessories. A great style recipe to brighten the grey day’s of January. Though I tend to bring out my good old Margaret Howell knitted beret ever year, I have undoubtedly embraced the beret this winter even more so. This is probably due to it clearly being the must-have accessory of the season, it’s almost unavoidable if you’re on the style scene in even the slightest of ways. Treating yourself to a new accessory is always an easy and a more affordable way to update older items in ones wardrobe.


Take care lovelies,

Daniella xox






Topshop Beret – HERE

(old) Isabel Marant Coat

(old) Leather Jacket

(old) Dr Denim Jean Culottes

(old) Selected Femme Boots

Vintage bag

(old) Urban Outfitters Yellow Sunglasses




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