What I Wore: NYE & NYD






I know i’m a few days late but it is sonly the first week of January and so I think it’s still acceptable to post my “what I wore” outfits from New Years Eve and New Years Day! Though we don’t really do much outside of the home for these occasions, that doesn’t stop me from dressing for the celebratory event. For NYE, my boyfriend and I went out for a quiet candlelit meal. I took the opportunity to put on my jazzy tights and sparkle the night away. I pulled out an old peplum top of mine and styled it over a ruffle blouse, which I edged up with a leather mini. And since i’ve worn these velvet, kitten heeled mules all over Christmas, I figured why stop now?!


As New years day was even more of a casual affair I decided to dress up, dressing down. What I mean is, I dressed my Peignoir pyjamas with a blouse and some more jazzy hosiery, aka the Jack Wills Polka dot socks. Which when combined with my velvet heels creates a rather delightful detail to the eyes.


I don’t know about you but I feel as though I need a break after my Christmas break! I’ve felt tired the last few days rather then refreshed. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) DKNY Peplum Top

(old) Marks & Spencer Blouse

(old) Urban Outfitters Leather Mini Skirt

Topshop Diamante Tights

Marks & Spencer Mules




Peignoir Pyjamas

(old) Reiss Blouse

Jack Wills Polka Dot Socks

Marks & Spencer Shoes


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