3 Outfits: What I Wore Over The Christmas Break






Hey lovelies,

since the posts haven’t been all that regular recently due to it being the Christmas break, I thought i’d put together a post that would hopefully make up for the lack of outfit posts. Here I am sharing three outfits which were all worn over the Christmas holiday’s and why you’ll see the festive undertone that runs through out.

The first outfit I wore On Christmas eve, eve. We had some last minute errands to run and because I was feeling in the mood for something a little dressed up, I opted for my vinyl mini skirt and sparkle tights, which are hard to see in the photos but they were just the right amount of sparkle. I kept the rest of the outfit casual with an oversized jacket and a pair of classic black ankle boots.


The second outfit was worn on Boxing Day. We went to my grandparents house along with the rest of my family for an afternoon of eating food and catching up. It was the perfect opportunity and occasion to wear a few of the Christmas gifts that I received, which included the green knitted cardigan, the cord mini skirt and the grey beanie. It wasn’t too cold that day, so I skipped the coat for taking the photos.

The third and final look was what I wore for Boxing day number two, which was basically just my immediate family staying at home eating more yummy food and playing games. I wore a plaid shirt from Topshop which featured a beautiful embellished collar. This was a wonderfully festive touch to a great wardrobe classic. I also got a little experimental my make up that day which for me basically means a heavier eyeshadow and a darker lipstick. Not exactly groundbreaking! But still, I was happy with the results.


Anyway, I hope you like these looks.

Take care,

Daniella xox








French Beret – love this HERE

(old) Topshop Red Knitted scarf – love this HERE

Topshop Vinyl Mini Skirt – love this HERE

(old) Selected Femme Ankle Boots – love these HERE


The White Company Beanie – similar HERE

Urban Outfitters Cardigan – HERE

(old) Reiss Blouse

Topshop Skirt – HERE

(old) Selected Femme Boots



Topshop Plaid Shirt – love this HERE

(old) Jeans

Marks & Spencer Mules – loves these HERE & HERE



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