Christmas Catch Up: The Pink Velvet Suit









I know i’m a little late in the game in only just uploading my Christmas day photos but between making a conscious choice to spend less time blogging and more time with the family and also becoming unwell with yet another bout of stomach flu, I didn’t really manage to create the time any sooner then now.

But here they are finally. I broke the post down into three parts as you may have been able to see. The first part being my outfit post, the second being a few photos I took with the fam before we sat down for dinner and then the third lots of snaps, are just what we managed to get Christmas morning. I honestly can’t tell you how good it was to be surrounded by the only people I would want to surrounded by on Christmas day but mostly because we were all blessed with good or at least better health this year. I don’t mean to sound as though i’m gloating, as I know and understand that not everyone gets to be with the people they love at Christmas for whatever that reason may be. But for the last few years, Christmas hasn’t been quite as happy as may have appeared. Christmas 2016 my mum was very unwell and was in hospital pretty much all over Christmas except from Christmas eve and some of Christmas day and the year before that my boyfriend and I were going through some heartbreak of our own and because our mum has been unwell for the past five years, it’s felt as though Christmas has been quite unstable the last few years. So I feel so lucky that we have been able to have enjoy the festive period stress free.

I loved wearing my pink velvet suit, it felt as though I had waited months and months to wear, when in reality is was more like a few of weeks. I paired it with an old metallic camisole and of course my green, glitter heels. I went for a somewhat heavier look makeup wise, with my newly gifted Hedda Beauty eye shadow pallet and dark lipstick. I’m usually an urban decay eye shadow kinda gal but I have to that may be changing since receiving this pallet. And yes, we are that dorky family that all wears matching pyjamas.


Wishing you all a truly wonderful, healthy, happy, and an abundant 2018.

Daniella xox








Topshop Pink Velvet Suit

(old) Topshop Top

Marks & Spencer Shoes

Hedda Beauty Eye Shadow & Lipstick


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