Casual Monday’s In Winter Whites





Happy Monday! The last week before Christmas is upon us and its all very exciting right now. I had a lovely weekend, the boyfriend and I spent the Saturday Christmas shopping and we managed to pretty much find all the presents that we set out to buy that day, which is good because it sucks when you dedicate a day to go Christmas shopping and you end up just finding nothing, we’ve all been there and it’s disappointing to put it politely. But like I said, we were fortunate enough to find all that we wanted to. Then yesterday we visited our Nan and Grandad which was lovely. We’ll be seeing them over Christmas too but there will be a whole gathering of family then and so we wanted the opportunity to see them whilst it was just us.


Today’s post comes from a Sunday afternoon spent at home a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t originally intended to do any photos but it ended up happening and well, here they are. Keeping it casual and somewhat classic in my winter white ensemble whilst messing around on Conan’s skateboard that he made, a talented fella he is and Koko (our dog) kept trying to get in on the action. He always wants to come and sit by me whenever  he see’s me having my photos taken. It’s both weird and cute.


Well, I hope you like today’s photos. Have a great week my lovelies,

Daniella xox




(old) Marks & Spencer Knit

(old) Levi Jeans

Superga Shoes


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