Faux Fur-Glamour Meets Minimal Androgyny




I love me some faux fur in the winter time but especially so over the Christmas period. Its’ so warm but also quite glamorous and if glamour was going to be associated with any season it would be the christmas season, yep, I believe that Christmas should have it’s own season!

Though I myself can’t exactly pinpoint or define my own sense of personal style, as it’s usually just a reflection of what I am feeling at the time but admittedly glamour doesn’t exactly spring to mind. So styling a faux piece like the coat featured in todays post has to be approached in a way that feels natural and reflective of my taste, instead of trying to wear it in a way that feels typical to the style of the coat. So for todays look, I gave the faux fur an androgynous update. Featuring my balloon shaped trousers, an A-Line shirt and lace up boots. I accessorised with my winter white beret and my go-to sunglasses so as not to completely stray too far from the vintage-y feel of the coat.


I hope you like it. Wishing you lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend,

Daniella xox







Topshop Beret

Black Eyewear Sunglasses

(old) Alice & Olivia Faux Fur Coat

(old) COS Shirt

(old) Freda Trousers



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