Friday’s Style: Two Looks, Two Prints






Happy Friday everyone! Today I am finishing of the week with not one but two looks that both feature a printed piece. For the first outfit I really wanted to capture the remaining signs of Autumn, not just in my surroundings but with the styling also. Originally I wasn’t wearing the white turtleneck but after stepping outside I quickly rushed back in to layer up. As it turned out I think the white turtleneck completed the outfit and looked great against the golden mustard colour of the knit. I don’t wear it often but the Gestuz long Gilet I am wearing can look rather striking when offset against the right colour tones and I think the above outfit proves this.


The second look I wanted to keep simple but also quite bold with subtle details that draw in the eyes. I added in the puppy-tooth printed jacket to elevate the simplistic qualities of the outfit. I love these COS chinos and I want to find a way to style them through the winter. They are quite light in material but i’m sure some tights or thin leggings will create the warmth I need to wear them.


Anyway wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead.

Take care,

Daniella xox






Gucci Sunglasses

Stella McCartney Statement Earring

Gestuz Gilet

Marks & Spencer Cashmere Jumper

Whistles Printed Trousers

Vintage Bag

Topshop Shoes


Black Eyewear Sunglasses

(old) Isabel Marant Coat

(old) Turtleneck

COS Chinos

(old) Warehouse Mules






3 thoughts

  1. I usually layer my knits when the temperatures drops too, Daniella and thin or fine turtlenecks always look good under a V-neck sweater ( all those golf players can’t be wrong ! )

    …and you look perfect in your choice of ensemble 🙂

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