Chunky Knitwear In The Countryside





Happy Monday folks! I hope your weekend went well. We had a very festive weekend, we went to pick our Christmas trees and we also spent the weekend getting the christmas decs out and decorating the family home, as well as indulging in my sisters Christmas sugar cookies. It’s definitely feeling more wintery outside these days, it’s been a cold few days but for today’s post, the vibe is more Autumn, as I think that these photos were taken in the early part of November.


We took our doggy Koko for a walk on a fresh autumnal Sunday and this orange thick-knit turtleneck was for me, an obvious choice. It was warm enough at the time to forgo a coat and I opted for my floral print dress and the combination of colours was just so perfect for the surroundings. I edged it up with my Dr. Marten boots and the must-have accessory of the season, the beret.


I can’t express it enough, that even though you may think you’re not a nature person, the healing benefits of getting out into nature, I believe, is more beneficial then we realise. I find it so energising and just being in a space that is so open, no walls, no roofs, just a big open space full of clean fresh air, it’s beautiful. The only thing that annoys me, when it comes to taking our Koko for a walk, is the majority of all the other dog walkers. Most of them react so defensively and unfriendly, like “keep your dog away form our dog”, its very bazar.

Anyway, wishing you a wonderful week ahead and check back tomorrow so you can see a few of my Christmas outfit ideas.

Take care,

Daniella xox






(old) Margaret Howell Beret – love this HERE

Marks & Spencer Knit – HERE

Marks & Spencer floral Print Dress

Dr Marten Boots – HERE





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