Style Story: Vinyl Autumn



Who knew my mum was such a natural with the camera! I mean she’s taken many of my photos before now but she has done an incredible job with these. I’m grateful for her patience too, as the light was both beautiful and tricky the day we shot these and it took  trying and experimenting with a few different areas to find the sweet spot that day. But I believe that together, we found it and the result all that I had hoped for.

In the summer the lighting is romantic and hazy and I love it but the Autumn light it warm and glowing when the sun is out and it hits all the red, orange, brown and yellow  leaves that are doused all over the ground. It may have not been the most obvious location to shoot this minimal look but I suppose I found the juxtaposition between the warmth of the leaves and the somewhat monochromatic look, interesting and intriguing. The way that sunlight hits the vinyl material of the skirt and the way the floral print shoes almost melt into the bed of leaves was just very satisfying visually for me.

With that sad, I hope you like the look and the photos as much as I do.

Take care,

Daniella xox




(old) Zara Blazer – love this HERE, HEREHERE

(old) Joseph Blouse

Topshop Vinyl Mini Skirt – love this HERE, HERE & HERE

Newbark Wedges







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