Post – Tradition: Styling Chorda 08





If there is something I love in a design, its originality! This is a trait that I not only admire in a brands design but I myself try and execute this  in my own personal style. In a time where we are spoilt with choice, countless amounts of brands and designers alike, originality is becoming harder to come by because so much has been done. Post Tradition is an Italian brand who I feel very grateful for being introduced to as they have shown with their first collection “Chorda” that originality can still be achieved. Their pieces are timeless and I believe this is because the designs are simplistic yet impactful. Instead of opting to name their designs, they have instead numbered them from 01 – 10 and I chose the Chorda 08 and selected the black/rose gold.

I chose to style the Chorda -8 in a minimalist and classic way, in turn making the unique accessory a focal point but also transforming a very simple look into a modern and relevant outfit. Given the time of year I cant help but be left to think that a piece from the Post Tradition Chorda collection would make an elegant and thoughtful gift. For people I know very well I often find myself trying to think of gifts that aren’t so stereotypical and I believe that this would meet that criteria.


I hope you like today’s post and enjoy discovering this brand as much as I did. Please feel free to view the full collection HERE.

Take care lovelies and let me know what you think.

Daniella xox





(old) Splendid Turtleneck

Post Tradition Chorda 08 – HERE

(old) Zara Trousers

(old) Stella McCartney Shoes




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