The Autumn Way Of Styling Shorts & Boots




These last couple of months I have been encouraging Autumn into my styling as much as I can! I don’t mean forcefully so, just in the way that comes most natural, I guess I have mostly been inspired by all the beautiful and warm colour tones that comes with this adored and cosy season. This isn’t the first time I have worn these boots with these shorts and it probably wont be the last, as it’s a look that I really love. I believe it looks kinda city-chic and yet with the beret, cardigan and turtleneck thrown into the mix, it takes on a somewhat vintage charm that feels reminiscent of a time gone by in which I never got to live in and instead have only read, heard or watched about this particular time.


I often think about the eras I never had the pleasure of living in and maybe that’s why so many of us are inspired to wear styles that are taken from the iconic eras such as the 50’s, 60, 70s, 80s and so on. Because it’s our way of giving a nod, paying respects and living somewhat vicariously with only our sartorial choices allowing us to do so.


Anyway, I hope you like the look and wishing you a great week!

Take care,

Daniella xox







(old) Margaret Howell Beret – love this option HERE

Cos Cardigan – HERE

(old) by Malene Birger Shorts – HERE

(old) Topshop Knee High Boots – love these HERE




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