1st Christmas Post: Sleep/Loungewear Wish List



I think i’ve held out long enough and can finally start sharing some Christmas inspired blog posts! If it is still too early for you, then look away. To begin with I thought i’d focus on christmas sleep/lounge wear, as there is no cosier time then Christmas time, wouldn’t you agree? Spending the holidays in either your old favourite pyjamas or a set of new one that you were potentially gifted is just the best. Slipping my feet into a new pair of super soft slippers (preferably UGG) is my idea of cosy heaven.

There are a lot of Christmas sleepwear pieces to be found out there currently and today I’m sharing just a few of my favourites and what I would personally love to wear. I also think some of these items would make great gifts, in case you were stuck for ideas! I believe people always have space to be the receivers of a good pair of slippers, a cosy pair of socks, a cute sweater or a set of pyjamas. The underwear also makes a cute gift, if you close enough to the person you think would like them.

I hope you like my selection.

Take care,

Daniella xox





Sleepy Jones Pyjamas – HERE

Ugg “Tasman” Slippers – HERE

Crew Clothing “Hello Weekend” Sweater – HERE

Topshop Meowy Nightdress – HERE

Crew Clothing (mens) Navy Sweater – HERE

Crew Clothing (mens) Plaid Bottoms – HERE

Crew Clothing Ankle Socks – HERE

Topshop Micky & Minnie Mouse Pants – HERE

Topshop Grinch Pants – HERE

Polo Ralph Lauren (mens Pyjamas) – HERE

UGG “Ansley” Slippers – HERE

Topshop “Totally On The Naughty List” Sweater – HERE

Polo Ralph Lauren Slippers – HERE

Monki via Asos Plaid Pyjamas – HERE


Sleepy Jones White T-Shirt – HERE

J.Crew Plaid Dressing Gown – HERE

Olivia Van Halle Red Silk Pyjama Set – HERE

Jack Wills Sweater – HERE

Jack Wills Ankle Socks – HERE

Topshop Burgundy Cashmere Blend Sweater – HERE

Topshop Pyjama Bottoms – HERE

Topshop Black Body – HERE

Marks & Spencer Socks – HERE

Jack Wills Blue Long Sleeve Top – HERE

Jack Wills Plaid Leggings – HERE

Topshop Metallic Slippers – HERE


Image via Pinterest 








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