Monday’s Look: Casual Style X Two








Starting of the week with two new looks! They aren’t exactly brand new they are actually from September but I only just got around to editing them, i’ll try and share some more up to date looks later this week. If there is a quality I most appreciate in an outfit, its comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I can occasionally opt for a tight fitted something or other in the name of style, if it’s something I feel drawn to on that particular said day but those days are few a far between. Another quality that I find is becoming more and more part of my core style is sports-inspired pieces. A few years ago I started incorporating sneakers into my looks and from there its extended into an indulgence of sweaters, joggers, sneakers, hoodies and tees that are all part of my wardrobe and I don’t mean the part of my wardrobe that no-one sees, you know, for my “days off”, no I mean the part of my wardrobe that often makes it into my outfit photos. It helps that the “streetwear trend” has been roaming around for a while now, making pieces a lot more accessible.


I just wanted to briefly talk about something I watched last night, it’s called Blue Planet and if you live in England, you’ll be familiar with it, i’m sure. I don’t know where else it shows in the world but if you can find a way to watch it, please do. Its mind blowing and incredibly informative and emotionally moving. To see those beautiful animals in all their glory is nothing short of fascinating and I feel so grateful that we live in a time that this can be so well documented and not to mention the incredible visuals that those cameras are able to capture. Last night they were informing us on the damage that plastic does to our waters and more importantly the damage it does to the animals that live in those waters. It’s sad and disturbing and though I know of the damage that plastic does to the sea animals, i’ll admit that I chose to be somewhat ignorant to this. But after seeing the haunting and very visual evidence in last night’s episode, I don’t think I can choose to ignore it any longer.


Take care and wishing you a wonderful week,

Daniella xox








Asos (mens) Reclaimed Check Shirt – love this HERE

(old) Topshop Chinos – love these HERE

Topshop Leather Backpack – HERE

Fill Sneakers – love these HERE


Black Eyewear Sunglasses

Marks & Spencer (boys) Sweater – love this HERE

Adidas Joggers – love these HERE

Newbark Slides – Love these HERE


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