Fun Feelings In Fluro Pink




Do I or don’t I, was the question I was asking myself when I came across these fluro pink joggers on the sale rack in Topshop a couple of months ago. Are they a bit classic 90s Bianca from Eastenders?! If you are not familiar or aren’t from UK, this is in reference to character on a British soap/ tv program who was not known for her style or grace! Well, that’s not actually correct, she was known for her style but not in a good way. Think eighties/early nineties style but in the tackiest way imaginable and that was kinda her style. Anyway long story short, you can see any negative preconceived notions I had about the trousers were eventually put to one side as the idea of wearing and styling these almost neon pink joggers that were also only ten pounds, I might add, were just too appealing for me to resist. For the first time styling them, I thought why not just go all out and style them with an oversized Lakers tee and my new chunky trainers.


Love it or hate it, I had a lot of fun wearing this outfit and fun should be at the core of personal style, or so I believe.


Take care,

Daniella xox





Gucci Sunglasses

Topshop Lakers T-shirt – love this HERE

Topshop Joggers – similar HERE

Fill Sneakers Via Urban Outfitters – available HERE



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