Bahamas Style Diary Pt.2











Holiday style is so much fun! I love how one doesn’t have layer or think too hard somewhere hot. Though that said before we went I did do some style prep. See I’m not someone who could take three kimonos and a couple of swimsuits/bikinis with me and be done! I understand that a lot of people don’t like packing too much and I guess I don’t either but I also like having a similar variaty to that of which I have at home. I learnt from our trip to Miami what it was like to panic pack, there was little organisation on my part and I just threw my entire summer wardrobe in my suitcase. I had soooo many pieces with me that I just didn’t wear and was an absoloute waste of space. This time I wanted to make sure that the same thing didn’t happen. So I prepped outfits before I left and tried my best to alternate pieces into both day and night outfits. Not only did this save me on taking way more then I needed to but styling  my holiday looks also saved me time when I was out there. I really disliked the thought of spending time putting outfits together when I was out there, I was in the Bahamas for two weeks, this sorta thing doesn’t happen very often and so I didn’t want to rack up the minutes on getting ready, I wanted to spend my time enjoying the resort. It was so easy just referring to the photos on my phone that I had snapped of my planned outfits before we left and is something I’d recommend doing for the style conscious. It’s worth spending a little time before you go holiday, to save you time when you’re out there.

Anyway here are three looks, two of which were evening outfits and the other was a day outfit which featured some pretty cool (very tight) denim shorts that my sister bought me for my birthday back in July.

Have a Happy Monday,


Daniella xox







Topshop Dress

Monica Vinader Necklace

Marks & Spencer Shoes

Outfit 2: 

Topshop Top

Vintage Denim Shorts

Billabong Bikini Top


Asos T-Shirt

Topshop Skirt

Uterqüe Bag

Marks & spencer Shoes




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